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Resources of Quality Control Department

1) Machinery Measurement Zeiss Contura G2


1) Machinery measurement managed numerically, measuring volume 700x1000x600

2) Head for the measurement of special features, elements with several corners , and with the use of styles very reduced
3) Adjustable head for VAST XXT scanning . The accuracy of up to 0.2 m and crushing up to 1 mN .

4) CAA (Computer Aided Accuracy ) Auto Correction kinematic error , for the most accurate results.

5) Integration with the computer , recording the results of measurements and photos of the item measured

Sporting manual measurement - we have great resources for measurement as micrometers, sensors, gauges. They allow us to measure lineman in the range 0- 1000mm , with the precision of 10μm . The equipment is cataloged and monitored continuously by the Quality Control
department and other independent laboratories.

3) Roughness Mitutoyo SJ -210


 1) Mitutoyo SJ -210 Portable allows you to see parameters of roughness and graphics directly on the color LCD screen .

 2) Diamond ending measurement of radius 2μm. Measuring force up to 0.75 mN .
 3) I
ntegration with the information system, which records results of calculation on displays which shows curves and lift distribution

Portable x -ray analyzer Oxford X -MET 7000 eXpress

1) Portable x -ray analyzer, qhich allows fast and accurate analysis of the composition and identification of types of stainless steel .
Integration with the information system, registration of the composition of the material examined and the type examined .


5) Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Olympus EPOCH 600


Quality assurance :

The purpose of the department of quality control is to ensure our customer that the poduct which we have delivered corresponds to 100% to its order  from the point of view of the quality and the documents . The whole process consists of many stages, before and after the production.

The process is divided into the following stages:

- material control - each element, material that is delivered to the INVEST -TECH is received by quality controller, who confirms if the goods delivered correspond to the order, checks the measurements and composition using XRF analyze . At this time it also receives its own independent identification number ( ALLOY ) . Thanks to it, during the whole process of the production we are sure that the customer receives the right material . After accepting the goods, we check the certificate of the conformity of the material, after which it is insert in the information system , thanks to that we are able to choose the right material corresponding to the various needs of our customers. It should be noted that most of the materials ordered by the INVEST -TECH respond to the needs as AD Merkblatt or PED that American and European standards.

- control during the introduction and production - thanks to the possibilities of advanced quality control, which gives us the measuring machine, the evidence produced by CNC machine lathe and are checked during the preparation of programs for processing / treatment. This solution allows us to avoid the risk of the creation of waste already during the first phase of the series production. The quality control department is up to 100 % of measurements for the various details .

- completion of documents - after completing the process of the production and preparation of items to be sent, the quality control department concludes the process of releasing the order documentation quality. After the analysis of procedures corresponding to ISO 9001 certificates are issued for the product element in the form of a certificate corresponding to the 3.1 PN-EN 10204. In the case of flanges, there is a possibility of issuing certificates corresponding to the PED or AD Merkblatt ( claiming it must be announced by the customer before the production process) . In the case of construction documents there is a possibility of a declaration of construction, according to the law of construction law and the directive of the building.

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